content series & campaigns celebrating brand & cultural moments

Google has unique access to the search queries of its users across the world. How might this data be used to better embed the brand in cultural moments - from Black History Month to International Women’s Day, Pride to Prom.

User research to decide when Google should turn up, followed by creative briefs to define how it could do so meaningfully across content and campaigns.

The ‘Year in Search’ campaigns in 2018 & 2019 drove strong uplift in key brand reputation metrics. ‘Moments in Search’ became the most viewed branded content on YouTube in 2018. 

Client.................... Google Global Brand Studio
Agency................. The Upside

Contribution...... Audience & cultural research
                                     Campaign strategy
                                     Creative briefs
                                     Channel & distribution strategy

Awards................. Webby 2020 Honoree ‘Best Data Visualization’
                                     Webby 2019 Nominee ‘Best Game: User Experience’
                                     Webby 2019 Nominee ‘Best Game: Words & Trivia’

2018 & 2019 integrated campaigns

A content series celebrating cultural moments such as International Women’s Day, World Teacher’s Day, & Covid-19 First Responder’s